• What is the optimization?

The optimization is a mathematical/numerical tool that can solve a complex problem in various fields. After the design variables for a target system are defined, the objective and constraint functions can be expressed in terms of the design variables. Through iterations, the optimization algorithm updates the design variables to extremize (maximize or minimize) the objective function while satisfying the constraint functions. For example, let us assume to optimize a beam structure under the given geometric and loading boundary conditions. Then, compliance minimization with a mass constraint provides the optimal structure, as shown below.

A example of a MBB beam


  • Research overview

We implement the fundamental principle of multidisciplinary engineering through the computational analysis and determine the optimal design for a real-world system through the design optimization. The current research areas are 1) mobility , 2) electromagnetic , and 3) biomechanical systems. Our ultimate goal is to propose innovative systems which can enhance human and vehicular mobility.